Unboxing Our First Toggle Books!

Unboxing Our First Toggle Books!

Unboxing Our First Toggle Books!

Today, we at Toggle Book Factory reached an important milestone. We received the first prints of our first book, “Presto Bot’s Amazing Magic Show”! We thought it would be fun to show you our exciting unboxing journey.

Our first box of books sitting at the doorstep

This book has been eight months in the making! I have to say, I was a bit nervous.

Here we go!

Oh a surprise!

A box, inside a box?

This is pretty heavy. It must contain a lot of books. 🙂

Now we’re talking!

This is the book I made with my daughter. It is one of our softcover books.

To test our printing process, I made 15 books for different kids in my community.

Many families helped by testing our Book Builder over video chat.

You’ll notice the books are different colors. Children get to choose the color of their book!

Here are the five colors of books we offer: blue, purple, green, red and pink. These are hardcover books.

Here are some softcover books.

Here is the inside of the book. Children get to choose an animal when they build their book but they don’t know how their choice will affect the story. That is part of the fun when they receive their book in the mail, the little, joyful surprises!

Here they are! I can’t wait to deliver them. I think there will be some happy children!

Thank you for joining us for the unboxing of our first books and looking into our Customizable Children’s Books. Do you think your child would enjoy building their own book? If so, jump into our Book Builder and give it a whirl!