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The BooKoo Bots (Three Book Pack)

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Free Shipping On All Books!
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Why A Three Book Pack Is A Great Choice

Kids love reading books that they helped create! A “Three Book Pack” is a great way to encourage a child to read for months! 

While we’ll deliver all three Gift Vouchers immediately, we recommend creating one Toggle Book per month. Young children learn through repetition, and each time your child receives a Toggle Book, they will want to read it for months!

Here’s how it works, first, your child creates their Toggle Personalized Book, then within weeks, receives they receive their book in the mail. When children see their book for the first time, their eyes are wide and full of wonder. This emotion and excitement last for months as they continually want to read their unique book.

Then when they are ready for more, have them create their next book!

It takes less than five minutes to create a Toggle Book and make a difference in your child's life.

Never a Better Time To Buy!

This is the best time of year to purchase a "Three Book Pack.” Our Black Friday Prices make our Toggle Books as affordable as traditional books, but Toggle Books are so much more!

First, you get a fun, personalized Gift Voucher designed just for kids. This is our invitation to your kiddo that gets them excited about customizing their very own book.

Second, our interactive Toggle Book Builder was designed for kids to use. That way, your child is empowered as they help create their book. Kids can pick the color of their book, put their name and illustrated version of themselves in the book, and even make choices that affect the story.

Then for the grand finale, when your child receives their high-quality, professionally bound book that they made, their eyes grow wide, and this becomes their favorite book ever! 

Seriously, try it, and you will see that Toggle Books are magical in a child's mind!

How To Give A Gift Voucher

Giving a "Three Book Pack" is as easy as 1-2-3!

First, choose the title of the book you would like to give.

Second, select the type of book (Hardback, Softback, or eBook).

And third, decide how you want to deliver the gift (by email or postal delivery). 

When you are finished making your choices, personalize the voucher by adding the child's name and an email that we can use for delivery.

When You Give A "Three Book Pack,” Give The Gift Of You!

The best thing about a "Three Book Pack" is that after your tiny human receives their gift, you can build the book together, either in person or over video chat!

It's a great reason to get together with family, and it will leave everyone involved filled with joy after the experience. When your little one receives their printed book, they'll see your name on the cover, the heartfelt dedication you left inside, and they'll always think of you!

About Our BooKoo Bot's Stories

Click the link to create a book now or to learn more about Kitty-Kitty Bot-Bot's Bedtime Bash.

Click the link to create a book now or to learn more about Jingle Bot Unwraps Christmas

Click the link to create a book now or to learn more about Presto Bot's Amazing Magic Show.

Why Toggle Books?

Toggle Books are super-powered compared to other personalized books. And the superpower comes from your kid's imagination!

We empower children to be the co-creators of their books. We believe kids are more likely to fall in love with their book and read it for months because they helped create it.

Not only that, our books are produced by award-winning artists, writers, and video game developers who have worked on some of the biggest children's entertainment franchises in history!

Toggle Books Are More Than Books

Toggle books aren't just books. They're a fun educational experience and a family activity that makes a difference in a child's life!

Kids love surprises! That's why we don't tell children how their choices will affect the story until they read their Toggle Book. Instead, we want kids to be motivated and surprised as they read their book, all the way to the end. 

Affordable and high-quality

Even though our books are beautifully written, illustrated, and professionally bound, we do our best to keep our personalized books affordable. We care more about our mission than making lots of money.

That's one of the reasons we offer huge discounts throughout the year and include free shipping on all of our Toggle Books.

Buy one of our "Three Book Packs" to save even more!

Toggle Books Are An Expression Of Our Mission

Toggle Books started when our founder and his four-year-old son created a book together. 

That experience of a family bonding over a creative activity is the spirit behind Toggle Books. That's one reason families notice a sweet sense of love contained within all of our Toggle Book Factory stories and experiences.

Toggle Books are an expression of our mission: to help all children become life-long readers, to help all children see themselves as heroes in their books, and lastly, to encourage families to bond while creating and reading books together.

Toggle Books Have Educational Benefits

Studies have shown that personalization can help kids retain vocabulary words and boost letter recognition. Additionally, psychologists have noted that personalized books have a powerful effect on children, helping them believe that they too belong in the world of the written word.

Your child will cherish this keepsake forever

When you or your child create a Toggle Book, you can add the gift giver's name to the front cover and a heartfelt dedication inside the book! That way, as your little one grows older, they'll never forget who gave them their favorite book!

Toggle's solution for more diversity in children's books

At Toggle, we care about all children! According to the CCBC, in 2019, only 28% of children's books submitted featured primary characters who were not white or not animals.

Our solution at Toggle is to allow kids to create a character who looks like them. We hope that this formula helps children see more heroes who look like them in books. However, we understand we still have a long way to go represent all children in our books.

So, if you have suggestions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Also, understand that any time you purchase a Toggle Book, you are helping us create more personalized options, like skin tones, glasses, and hairstyles in future Toggle Books.

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  • Make choices that affect the story
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Receive your book in the mail!
  • Your little one will unbox their book, filled with excitement
  • Watch their eyes light up as they see themselves in the story

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