Jingle Bot Unwraps Christmas


Gift Card

A Jingle Bot Unwraps Christmas gift card gives your child a chance to customize their own book. It only takes about 5 minutes to customize a book together, but the memories last a lifetime.

About The Story

Jingle Bot might be the fastest gift-wrapping robot in the world, but he has a lot to learn about giving.

To help him understand that Christmas is about more than presents, Santa Clause invites Jingle Bot on a Christmas Eve adventure through time.

Through a chance encounter, your child gets to join Jingle Bot and Santa on their journey where they witness St. Nicholas giving to the poor and the birth of Jesus to discover the true meaning of Christmas.

A Fun Life Lesson

Your child will learn that giving is more important than receiving. They will also experience the joy of Christmas as they recognize that gifts come in many forms, but the best ones come from the heart.

What You Get to Choose

In Jingle Bot Unwraps Christmas, your child will get to pick the color of their book and choose from more than 70 hair, skin, and glasses options to create an illustrated version of themselves. They will also get to name Santa’s newest reindeer and choose their favorite toy. Adults can decide if they want to include selected Bible verses to further illuminate this heartfelt Christmas story.

Why Give a Gift Box?

When you give a Toggle Books gift box, you’re giving more than a book. You’re giving an educational, interactive experience and fun family activity that your child will remember for years.

By actively participating in the customization of their Toggle Book, children are building creativity and self-esteem. We’ve also found that children are more invested in stories that they helped create, especially when compared to traditional books.

Plus, kids love surprises! That's why we don't reveal how your child’s choices will affect the story until they read their Toggle Book. We want kids to be excited as they read their book, all the way to the end.

How To Give a Gift Box

Giving a Toggle Book gift box is fast and easy. Simply choose the type of book (hardback or softback) you want to give.

Not Sure Which Book To Give?

If you aren't sure which book to give, our BooKoo Bots Gift Box is the perfect option. It allows the child to decide which book to create. > and his four-year-old son created a book together. That experience of bonding over a creative activity is the spirit behind Toggle Books, and it's the reason there's a sweet sense of love in all of our stories.


If so, we suggest customizing a book for them and shipping it today!


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

My grandchildren loved the books!! Their parents did as well! I sent them the book to their home address with their name on it to surprise parents.

Angela Limthong
High quality book, beautiful illustrations!

Our son who is 10 made a book for his 1-yr old sister. He had a blast doing it and was THRILLED when it came in the mail and he got to read through it for the first time before gifting it to her. Kudos to Toggle Book Factory for creating a quality, customized book that will be treasured for decades!

Cris S.
Nice illustrations!

These books are illustrated well and have beautiful Christian content! The Holy Scripture passages are the most important to me! I’d like to see a more endearing character than a robot but the stories are edifying.

Gilbert Imbiri
Best gifts for the kiddos

My wife and I love these book and so does our four kids. It was super easy to follow along as the kids picked their own characters and customize their books.

Patricia Metcalfe
Quality book love the Bible verses and the personal touch👍

Thank you love the personal touches