Three Box Gift Set

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Three Book Pack

Our Three Book Pack is the gift that keeps giving. Your child will receive gift boxes for all three Toggle Books titles at the same time. Each gift box includes stickers, bookmarks, and a code for a customized book that you can redeem together on our website.

It may be tempting to build all three books at once, but we recommend creating one book per month. Young children learn through repetition, and each time your child receives a Toggle Book, they will want to read it over and over. This way, when they are ready for more, you can create their next book together.

About the Stories

From helping Presto Bot get his magic show back on track to putting Kitty-Kitty Bot-Bot back on her charger at the end of a fun night to accompanying Santa and Jingle Bot on a Christmas adventure through time, your child will play a pivotal role in bringing each of our stories to a happy ending.

Fun Life Lessons

Our sweet stories are designed to help your child grow with fun, age-appropriate lessons that include learning to ask for help, recognizing the importance of sleep, and understanding the true meaning of Christmas.

What You Get to Choose

In all of our stories, your child will get to pick the color of their book and choose from more than 70 hair, skin, and glasses options to create an illustrated version of themselves. Each book gives them an opportunity to make other choices that affect the story. Jingle Bot Unwraps Christmas also allows adults to decide if they want to include selected Bible verses to further illuminate this heartfelt Christmas story.

About Our BooKoo Bot's Stories

Click the link to create a book now or to learn more about Kitty-Kitty Bot-Bot's Bedtime Bash.

Click the link to create a book now or to learn more about Jingle Bot Unwraps Christmas

Click the link to create a book now or to learn more about Presto Bot's Amazing Magic Show.

Why Give a Gift Box?

When you give a Toggle Books gift box, you’re giving more than a book. You’re giving an educational, interactive experience and fun family activity that your child will remember for years.

By actively participating in the customization of their Toggle Book, children are building creativity and self-esteem. We’ve also found that children are more invested in stories that they helped create, especially when compared to traditional books.

Plus, kids love surprises! That's why we don't reveal how your child’s choices will affect the story until they read their Toggle Book. We want kids to be excited as they read their book, all the way to the end.

How To Give a Gift Box

Giving a Toggle Book gift box is fast and easy. Simply choose the type of book (hardback or softback) you want to give.

Not Sure Which Book To Give?

If you aren't sure which book to give, our BooKoo Bots Gift Box is the perfect option. It allows the child to decide which book to create. > and his four-year-old son created a book together. That experience of bonding over a creative activity is the spirit behind Toggle Books, and it's the reason there's a sweet sense of love in all of our stories.


If so, we suggest customizing a book for them and shipping it today!


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