Why Toggle Books?

Why Toggle Books?

Toggle Books are super-powered compared to other personalized books. And the superpower comes from your kid's imagination!

We empower children to be the co-creators of their books. We believe kids are more likely to fall in love with their book and read it for months because they helped create it.

Not only that, our books are produced by award-winning artists, writers, and video game developers who have worked on some of the biggest children's entertainment franchises in history!

Toggle Books have educational benefits

We have found that children are more invested in reading stories that they helped create. In addition, studies have shown that personalization can help kids retain vocabulary words and boost letter recognition. Finally, psychologists have noted that personalized books have positively affected children by encouraging them to believe that they too belong in the world of literacy.

Your child will cherish this keepsake forever

When you or your child create a Toggle Book, you can add the gift giver's name to the front cover and a heartfelt dedication inside the book! That way, as your little one grows older, they'll never forget who gave them their favorite book!

Affordable and high-quality

We do our best to keep our personalized books affordable. That is one of the reasons we offer discounts and include Free Shipping on all of our Toggle Books.
Buy one of our multi-book packs to save even more!

This gift option is best if spread out over a few months. First, your child creates their book, then after a couple of weeks, receives their book in the mail, and finally, they read their Toggle Book! Then when they are ready for more, they create their next BooKoo Bots book.

Toggle's solution for more diversity in children's books

At Toggle, we care about all children! According to the CCBC, in 2019, only 28% of children's books submitted featured primary characters who were not white or not animals.

Our solution at Toggle is to allow kids to create a character who looks like them. We hope that this formula helps children see more heroes who look like them in books. However, we understand we still have a long way to represent all children in our books.

So, if you have suggestions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Also, understand that any time you purchase a Toggle Book, you are helping us create more personalized options, like skin tones, glasses, and hairstyles in future Toggle Books.