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Presto Bot (Event Pre-Order)
SarahMaura Cantor

Presto Bot (Event Pre-Order)

Kitty kitty bot bot

Excellent .. in this month we have read this books almost every night !

Great idea

Loved this book and idea! My kids have been asking for more books, this is a great idea!


My grandchildren loved the books!! Their parents did as well! I sent them the book to their home address with their name on it to surprise parents.

Ordered the book for my niece.

I created this book for my niece and thought it was cute. I think she is going to love it.

Presto's Magic Show

My little boy loved creating the character and story elements. He was so excited to get his book and to share it with everyone he knows! There was a mix up in the delivery of our first book and the company sent a replacement one with no issues. They were very easy to work with and very helpful! Will order from them again!

Great concept - super motivator for new readers

I will strongly recommend Toggle Books. Having your child chose elements of the story makes them super motivated to read the story again and again. I run a large childcare center and had an event where many of my parents had books made for their children. It was a huge success and our parents are all very pleased about the books.

Loving this personalized book!

This book was perfect and will be a momento and keepsake that we forever treasure! I recommend this book to everyone!

So much fun!

A close family friend purchased this for my 4 year old son for Christmas and it has been a huge hit in our house! Even though he was involved in designing the book, he was surprised and delighted to find that the book was about him! He loves to read the story of the mischievous kitty kitty bot bot!

What a great gift!

My 3 year old niece screamed in delight when she saw her book creation come to life! This is a treasured gift for sure! We will continue to order for all our readers!

I made two books with my nieces (8 & 10) over Thanksgiving. They really got into the process of making these books! They arrived in time for Christmas and it was really nice to see my nieces read side by side. They took a lot of interest in each other’s stories too since what they had each picked when building the book was different. It was really remarkable to see just how much customization went into the book based on their choices. The illustrations are very well done. The drawings are quite detailed and have little did bits for kids to find on each page and throughout the story. The book itself is such a delightful experience, with the story and illustration alone. The “cherry on top” was the plushie. It’s a perfect size, really soft, and just very well made. It’s such a nice addition to the story and I was overly impressed. One of my nieces is very into everything kitty-related, so, she just loved the book and the plushie. It was the purrr-fect gift.

What a wonderful experience!

I love everything about this book! Such a good story for kids that gets their imagination going but also has a nice message. The illustrations are so well done. Each page is full of vibrant colours, the characters are very expressive, and there are lots of details throughout the book for kids to find. The choices that were made while building the book show up throughout the story and not just on one page. That was so nice to see! I was also really impressed with the quality of the book and how it was shipped: the hardcover and pages are definitely meant to last forever and everything arrived in paper-recyclable packaging. What a wonderful experience from start to finish!
I've since read this book with my daughter’s two cousins (8 & 10) and they enjoyed it immensely. They just loved saying “Wizzy-wizzy-woo!” After all that fun, they wanted to make one too. They decided on making Kitty-Kitty Bot-Bot’s Bedtime Bash instead, but I think it may have something to do with the additional plushie option :)

High quality book, beautiful illustrations!

Our son who is 10 made a book for his 1-yr old sister. He had a blast doing it and was THRILLED when it came in the mail and he got to read through it for the first time before gifting it to her. Kudos to Toggle Book Factory for creating a quality, customized book that will be treasured for decades!

Amazing! I can’t wait to see our littlest grandson’s face!!

Thank you so much. The book is adorable and the story and illustrations are wonderful!

Nice illustrations!

These books are illustrated well and have beautiful Christian content! The Holy Scripture passages are the most important to me! I’d like to see a more endearing character than a robot but the stories are edifying.

Best gifts for the kiddos

My wife and I love these book and so does our four kids. It was super easy to follow along as the kids picked their own characters and customize their books.

Jingle Bot Unwraps Christmas
Patricia Metcalfe
Quality book love the Bible verses and the personal touch👍

Thank you love the personal touches

Such a quality book!

We got the Presto Bot's Amazing Magic Show and love it! The material is nice and the story is personalized but there's also an interaction with the reader and the story. Perfect for a gift.

Great book

I thought it would be a thin paperback book but it’s not. It’s worth the money for my grandson. I know he will love it. Glad I order one.

Happy Kid Happy Dad

My daughter and I had a blast customizing our Presto Bot story - she loved creating her avatar with her favorite colors! As a beginning reader, this was the perfect story level for her to practice reading on her own. She wants to help her little brother make one for Christmas next year!

Quality book with an amazing experience!

Toggle Book Factory has created a wonderful way to engage our children in the story creation process. My son (5yo) had such a blast building his Christmas story, naming his reindeer "Cocoa" and receiving the tangible product in the mail.... We are still reading it at least once a week (NOW APRIL!) because he loves it so much. Thank you Toggle Book Factory, we can't wait to build more.

Presto Bot's & Jingle Bot

Our boys (5 & 3) were thrilled to create their own personal version of their book and see their name on it. The stories were written so well and engaging to both our boys and us parents - a blend few books can do. The illustrations were vivid and action oriented. Well done. We look forward to adding more books to our collection!

Magic in a Hardback

If you have young kids these books are awesome! Maggie who is 4 absolutely feel in love with her story.

Amazing Magic Show

I just received the two wonderful books my grandson created for himself and his baby brother. They are wonderful! The story is engaging and includes the child in the action of the story. Fabulous! The illustrations are vibrant and spirited. Love them! My grandson is delighted with his book! I promise, you will not be disappointed. It far exceeded my expectations!

What a great gift!

Our granddaughters (6 and 8) created a book for their little brother choosing all his favorites. They are so excited to give it to him for Christmas and read it to him! The site was easy and fun to use and the book arrived quickly. It is well made and a great story.